While I was working on technically optimizing the website, improving SEO, and undertaking the creation of a web-based product catalog for 2000 product variations from the marketing department at Continental Refrigerator, I noticed an opportunity to strengthen our overall messaging with a campaign. 

Mission: Better reinforce the idea that these products can be customized

Action: I noticed an opportunity to improve by creating a new campaign that incorporates three parts:
1) new logo      2)  series of branded graphics that communicate the idea of flexibility   3)  tagline 

First I took the company logo and reimagined it with the flexibility wordmark graphic they had been using to describe product flexibility. It was important to create a continuity and stronger connection between the brand and what distinguishes it.
This logo also lets viewers know that Continental Flexibility is intentionally connected to Continental Refrigerator. 

When you pick up a Rubik's Cube, you're inclined to tinker with it. That is exactly what the company wants customers to do if they need to move the condenser, add storage, or even cut an extra opening in the worktop to accommodate a special use. 
The toy-inspired branded graphic is a quick, visual suggestion to tinker, create, and innovate that repeats the shape and form of the product line and uses the company's branded color scheme. 

Finally, the tagline, " Your business is unique, your equipment should be too," ties it together with words.  

 SEO Aside: Within 6 months, I increased organic search impressions from 1042 average daily impressions to 3241, 211% increase

 Campaign, Concept, Logo, Graphic, Copy

2022 Restaurant Guide - Cape May County Herald 
Annual Print & Digital Publication 

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